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    Myanmar Newspaper Pdf

    Vol: 58, No.: Myanma Allin Daily. Posted Date: 10/Apr/ Type: Daily News. Total Pages: View Count: Issue Date: 10/Apr/ The Global New Light of Myanmar, Yangon, Burma. 77K likes. Myanmar's oldest English daily. Gender in Myanmar News is being carried out with support from Swedish development. imbalance of female and male voices in Myanmar news, covering the.

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    Myanmar headlines involved Goal as the dominating participant, while Bangladesh headlines involved Actor as the participant which appears the most in the headlines. Bangladesh newspaper headlines are also richer in terms of its Theme structure. The existence of Carrier and Token is absent in Myanmar newspaper headlines. The headlines below are taken from Myanmar headlines which employ different participants. Theme, as the departing message in the headlines, is represented in the form of noun phrases in the data above.

    Since the noun phrases are elements of the clause to which a transitivity function can be assigned occurs in the first position in a clause, they are categorized as Topical Theme Eggins, The employment of government as the Actor is to attract the readers that they also concern Rohingyans. The dominating participant in Myanmar headlines is Goal.

    The data below employ Goal as the Theme in Myanmar headlines. Goal refers to the participant in which an action is directed to.

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    Looking at the context, the headline puts an agreement to refugee as the departing message. The newspaper does not explicitly mention Rohingyans in order to avoid sympathy from the readers. Moreover, Myanmar media shows neglect of Rohingya by not mentioning the term. Myanmar headlines use similar Goal as the Themes as displayed in the following data.

    The good image of Myanmar government is retained in the headlines. The domination of such Theme proves that Myanmar media is in the side of the government. It also verifies that the media is still under the control of Myanmar government. The headlines with Sayer as their Themes are shown below.

    The Themes in above data refer to Myanmar government represented by the ministry and advisory commission. The information on the crisis is highly required so that the world knows what happens to Rohingyans at the moment. The last type of Theme in Myanmar headlines is Verbiage as shown below.

    Verbiage is found in the departing message above. The choice of Verbiage which refers to Rohingyans results in the negative image of Rohingyans portrayed as illegal race. Moreover, the headline also assumes that the world attention given to Rohingyans is inappropriate. The headline regards illegal immigration as a terrorism which becomes the global threats.

    Indirectly, the media signals that other countries should not support Rohingyans. The elaboration of the findings above shows that Myanmar media intentionnaly hides the humanity issue experienced by Rohingyans by hiding them as the Theme in the headlines. The existence of government as the Theme in Myanmar headlines proves the previous assumption. Instead of showing how Rohingyans suffer from the ethnic eradication, the media is on the government side which does not regard Rohingyans as a part of Myanmar ethnic.

    Different from Myanmar headlines, Bangladesh headlines employ Actor more than Goal. Below are the examples of Themes whose participants are Actors. The data above have the same referents of the departing messages in the headlines, Rohingyans by mentioning the numbers. In datum BANG. The great number modifying the head, Rohingyans, emphasizes a serious humanity issue which affects massive number of people.

    The same interpretation is strengthened in data BANG. The Actors in the above data reveal that Rohingyans perform dynamic actions to save their lives.

    The long suffer and neglect Rohingyans experience force them to make an action to look for a safe place. As the nearest country to Myanmar, Bangladesh shows serious support to Rohingyans. Datum BANG. Bangladesh government also shows their responsibility and care to the children though they think that Rohingyans belong to Myanmar.

    Support is also shown in datum BANG. What occurs before the Actor in the second datum above is the topic blown in the newspaper. The Theme in the datum also refers to the government. The role of Bangladesh government as the Theme, realized with Actor, in Bangladesh media reveals that Bangladesh supports Rohingyans. As a result, the news on Rohinya is also blown in other countries. The two referents of Actor, Rohingyans and Bangladesh government, as the dominating Themes in Bangladesh media signify that Bangladesh government supports Rohingyans through their concrete action such as bringing the issue global and vaccinating the Rohingyan children.

    What is distinctive between Myanmar and Bangladesh media is the employment of Carrier as the Theme, Myanmar media does not involve this participant. The employment of Carrier as the Theme in Bangladesh media is displayed below. Carrier is the participant which is attached to its Attribute. The existence of Carrier cannot be separated from its Attribute. Thus, the readers are directly attracted to the massive number presented in the Attribute.

    Similar analysis is shown in datum BANG. In other words, the number of Rohingya children is classified in a risk situation. The use of Carrier as the Theme in Bangladesh headlines emphasizes the number of Rohingyans who suffer from the clearing done by Myanmar government.

    It proves that Myanmar and Bangladesh have different ideological perspectives by means of wordings chosen in the Themes. Thus, it also covers the Rohingya conflict by mentioning the things done by the government. Bangladesh media, on the other hand, uses Actor as the dominating participant as the Theme. The Actor refers to Rohingyans who conduct action to save themselves.

    The use of Carrier also supports the previous analysis that Rohingyans are attached to particular number which are in risky condition. Bangladesh media intentionally uses that Theme in order to uncover that a lot of Rohingyans have to fight for freedom themselves. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Science, 3 6 , Eggins, S. An Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics, second edition.

    New York: Continuum. Fairclough, N. New York: Longman. Ganesan, N. Myanmar: State, Society and Ethnicity. Gee, J. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis, second edition. New York: Routledge. Halliday, M. An Introduction to Functional Grammar.

    London: Arnold. James, H. Security and Sustainable Development in Myanmar. Locke, T. Critical Discourse Analysis. Metila, R.

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    In addition, it denied entry visas to relief workers, leaving the country crippled and vulnerable to widespread disease. The junta faced further criticism when it went ahead with a constitutional referendum on May 10 intended to cement its grip on power. In September, the military government released just over 9, prisoners, including the longest-serving political prisoner, Win Tin.

    Most of those released, however, were not political prisoners. By most estimates, as many as 2, political prisoners remain in detention.

    These releases were followed in November by the sentencing of 30 activists to up to 65 years in jail. The activists include veterans of the students' movement and other democracy advocates who participated in the thwarted monk-led protests in Aug. Thousands of supporters gathered outside her home, where she gave a speech calling for a "peaceful revolution.

    Nevertheless, the junta presented the elections as evidence that the country had completed the transition from military government to a democracy. Suu Kyi's party, the National League for Democracy, boycotted the elections, thus further diminishing the legitimacy of the results. The military junta officially disbanded in March However, Parliament is civilian largely in name only.

    In addition, the cabinet is largely comprised of former members of the junta. The National League for Democracy dismissed the transition to a civilian government, calling it a futile gesture that will introduce no real change in power.

    The NLD's predictions proved false, however. In his first year as president, Thein Sein initiated stunning changes in political and economic philosophy that saw a loosening of the tight grip the authoritarian junta held on the country. In response, the U. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the country in December —it was the first visit of a senior U.

    That was followed by an easing of sanctions that allowed U. Opposition Dominates Elections In April parliamentary elections, the National League of Democracy prevailed in 43 out of 45 districts that held races, including the capital, Naypyidaw.

    Suu Kyi, who in October was released after spending nearly 20 years under house arrest, won a seat in parliament and took office in May. It was a stunning victory for the opposition—and an equally symbolic defeat for the military.

    Observers speculated that the opposition's victory would either prompt military rulers to respond to the will of the people and enact change or view the victory as a threat to its power. Ethnic violence broke out between Buddhists and Muslims in the western state of Rakhine after the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman by a Muslim man. Revenge attacks followed, prompting Prime Minister Thein Sein to declare a state of emergency in June.

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    Dozens were killed, hundreds of homes were burned, and about , people were displaced. Tension between the Buddhist majority and Muslim minority, called Rohingyas, in Rakhine has been high for years.

    The government considers the Rohingyas illegal immigrants, discrimination against them is rampant, and they live in horrible conditions. On Aug. While laws enabling the imprisonment of journalists for printing items that the government deems harmful are still in effect, the final two topics religion and politics were removed from the pre-publication censorship list on Aug.

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    Prime Minister Thein Sein continued his shift in political philosophy in September, announcing in a speech to the UN that the changes in Myanmar are "irreversible. He praised the drift from isolation as a "remarkable journey.

    President Obama lifted the ban on entry visas to the former Burma's military rulers, their business partners, and immediate families on May 2, At the same time, however, the Obama administration approved another year of the National Emergencies Act, which prohibits business transactions with anyone in Myanmar involved in repression of the democracy movement.

    This give-one, take-one approach was meant to encourage the democratization of Myanmar while simultaneously registering censure of the sectarian violence that erupted in March and has caused more than 40 deaths and has displaced an estimated 13, While Myanmar has taken steps toward political and social reform in its slow transition to democracy, little has been done to reach a cease-fire with its many ethnic groups—a promise made by Thein Sein when he took office as president in Indeed, in March and November , dozens of fighters from the Kachin Independence Army were killed in fighting with government troops.

    Suu Kyi complained in November that the reforms had stalled, noting that the military government is blocking her from running for president in 's elections. During the summer of , Aung San Suu Kyi announced that her party, the National League for Democracy NLD , would take part in the election after boycotting the previous one in , which was condemned for irregularities by international organizations.

    In the video, she said, "For the first time in decades, our people will have a real chance of bringing about real change. This is a chance that we cannot afford to let slip. We hope that the whole world understands how important it is for us to have free and fair elections, and to make sure that the results of such elections are respected by all concerned.

    Please help us by observing what happens before the elections, during the elections, and, crucially, after the elections.

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